Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Nail Art Design of the Week - Christmas Special

I have been feeling so upset lately about not being able to afford to go get my nails done. I keep finding myself looking back at pictures from my gorgeous summer nails feeling rather upset….damn Student Loans Company.

I have decided I am DEFINATELY getting my nails done in time for Christmas. Too many parties to go to, I can’t turn up with these bitten down fingers…

Here’s a few designs to inspire your own Christmas Nail Art.

xmasnails xmas_nailsxmasnails

nail-art-3 tumblr_kpw62nKfEK1qzflvuo1_500


Meghan said...

Hey Coral! One of our clients saw your post and was very inspired...

Meg x

Hannah said...

I love the desighs,but there a little busy for my nails.Could some post a picture of regular
non-acrylic nails that are plan
white tips and on the thumb have a red and white candy cane??

Nail art info said...

Stunning design. hard too make. Always love the x-mas specials