Tuesday, 15 December 2009


"Fuck the po-lice"

The first time I met Antwuan was at the tradeshow (ASR) in San Diego about 2 years ago. He was 2 years younger and had maybe 2 tattoos. He's almost of age now and has more tattoos than a tribesman. An, honestly, nice guy and an amazing skateboarder, I was lucky enough to have him sit down with me at the Deathwish 1 year anniversary, and answer a couple of questions. Everyone show love to the underground king of Deathwish skateboards, Dr. Fakie Double Flip himself, Antwuan Dixon.

Who are you and why the fuck should I care?
My name's Antwuan Dixon cuh and you should care because you know I'm the illest motherfucker around. You already know the business. You know I hold shit down. You already know.
Squad up. Squad who?
Sin squad nigga that's what's up. First and foremost nigga, that's me, Sinner, Flip, Jigga, my nigga Shane
. All my niggas. We separate the weak from the obsolete.
If you weren't here where would you be?
Probably at my house man, smoking blunts on my porch cuh. Fuckin wit my mama, cuz watching Shottas
. You already know.
Shottas is a hell of a movie.
Oh yeah that's a blood clot movie OOOOOOH.
Out of all the places around the world that you've been, where's your favorite place to travel?
My favorite place to travel is Madrid, Spain.
I don't know, I went there and all the ladies thought I was a cute guy. They wrote
"muy bonito" on all my fucking starbucks shit.
What were the last two artists you listened to?
I listened to my nigga Young Jeezy and muthafuckin' T.I.
I heard you got into a little bit of trouble? You alright now? Everything cool?
Yeah man I got into a little bit of trouble fucking out there in Florida man.
What happened?
Man I was chillin cuz, and these bitches came at me like "'ey 'twuan you wanna smoke" I'm like yeah lets go. then all of a sudden you know.. These bitches had all these blunts rolled, you kn'a mean and we was smoking' and this lady rolled up and knocked on the window. And then she knocked on it and looked at me and I just kept smoking, cuh. And then all of a sudden that bitch pulled out the motherfuckin' badge cuh. And I'm like "Shit." You know? I had a big ass muthafuckin zip lock bag, cause my nigga motha fuckin Wizard had like a QP and I bought his last ounce
. So I had the whole muthafuckin zip lock bag so the shit was pokin' out my pocket. Cuh You know. And then a nigga just cashed his check. Then lenny rivas gave me a little fucking sin squad real quick just to get buck, just to pack my beat. And then all of a sudden, a nigga got cuffed. Bitch pulled my shit out, talkin she gon' seize my money. And I'm like "what the fuck you mean you gon' seize my money" she talkin' bout, "we gon' take it" ya know? I'm all cuffed up, sitton on the shit. So I get up, cuh, fucking grab my wallet off the hood of the car. and I hold onto it real good. They kept trying to rip it out from me and then this walks back and I kicked her in the face cuh, then this other nigga come up and I elbow him. Then I get tased by two taser guns and shit.
How'd that feel?
The shit hurt man. The niggas took me to jail and shit. Whatever. Life goes on.
Which of your tattoos is your favourite?
My favorite tattoo is muthafuckin' Freddy Krueger
, cause muthafuckin Freddy is bad, bitch.
What was your first tatoo?
My fucking initials. A.D. That's what's up.
If you could only do one trick for the rest of your life what trick?
Only do nollie muthafuckin heelflips. You already know the business.
When's the next time I'm gonna see some shit comin' out from Big 'Twuan?
You already know. We got like 11 and a half months. Go harder than motherfuckers. In there like swimwear. You already know the business.
Okay. Finish this sentence. "I go hard in the paint, Big Kandy does..."
What the fuck he wants to do when the fuck he wants to do it.
That's what's up. Any last words?
Yeah nigga, fuck the police. Smoke weed every muthafuckin' day.

Words and Photos - THEREALDEAL
(found on http://therealdealneal.blogspot.com)


ZOLTAN!! said...

real talk!!

Anonymous said...

Take this shit off out of respect for Antwaun. Posting up bullshit just to get some hits on your bullshit blog isn't cool.

JOE MAMMA said...

Y'aLLz nigGahz Be SoDe FuLz oF Tha roTguT ShItBiZkuTs AiTe?

EEt A BaG Of blOOdY baBy Dix AnD ShIt a CrAtE oF RuStEd RaZoRs YA FuCkFace asShOlE RoOdy-Pooh DiCk GoBlInz!