Saturday, 14 August 2010


Now when i heard this was coming out i was so ready to dismiss it as another art-fag-skateboarder-wannabe piece of shit but i was pleasantly suprised!!
the quality of the skateboarding in this film is so amazing but the spirit and the message behind the film was so inspirational. These guys had nothing.....NOTHING to skate and they built their own shit! they had to pretty much build a scene! its so easy to get discouraged when you so much as go out and have an argument at your local spot let alone to have to endure a build up of harassment from locals to arriving one day and its just gone! I look at all this middle-class suburban PUSSYHOLE skaters that come out and have the nerve to NOT skate a spot coz 'the blocks not slidey enough' or 'i need ANOTHER new board just so everyone can see me buying a new board' and i feel so fucking sick!

No one in the skate scene listens to these sort of points, you get the same look as when a war vet or a hippie guys dropping knowledge but coz he's got some hench beard ppl give him that 'he must be crazy look' y'know?
mad ratings to Pontus Alv for basically using hipsters stupidity against them. He disguised a true skate fundemental in a trendy blanket in which hipsters who don't even skate or have never skated pick it up and learn some shit!
to me 'in search of the miraculous' represented the D.I.Y spirit GO OUT AND MAKE IT HAPPEN! do you think those guys had the time to worry about what clothes they were wearing?
NO! buy that time your spot could be fucking gone....but you look nice (Y)

Don't know if any of that made any sense but yeah watch it!

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