Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Would you bang Tank Girl?

Ok. So i'm REALLY late and watched the Tank Girl movie for the first time ever yesterday. However, I thought it was so good I did feel the need to watch it twice. In my advice...there wouldn't have been a film without Lori Petty. She is fucking HOT!

I already have read bits and pieces of the Tank girl comics so I knew what to expect but jeeeeeeez. So I was just wondering...is she just appealing to me because I am female or do guys find her fit too? I wonder. Ok so you might have to compromise on the hair...but the rest of her..DAMNNNNNNN.

But anyway. If anyone else out there STILL hasn't watched this film, you should!
Snip. Snip.

Coral xx

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LeoBloom said...

Tank Girl is smoking! I saw the film first time about 11 years ago on thai tv in Phi Phi. Blew my mind! Ice Cube as a mutant kangaroo? Legendary!