Wednesday, 13 October 2010


Just stumbled across this amazing street art film on coming out. '70's Kids' is a Graffiti film not like any other Graffiti film, staring New York Graffiti Kings like BladeTracey168TKidFumeCoCoRolieo DienMare 139Dr Revolt DazeHenry ChalfantMartha CooperEric HazeCope2Meres One & Dizm. The film is the 1st of a trilogy regarding the health issues of spray paint, part 1 is all about common sense advice with a few stories about how people are/was? Iz affected by spray paint, its not until part 2 & 3 that we dig deep and start shaking up the Graffiti world with chilling health issues and facts.
'70's Kids' will be premiered for FREE on the 1ST of November at 11:PM
In my little world its been a good year for documentaries! i saw 'American hardcore' for the first time which cleared up most of the fluff you here about the hardcore scene thus blowing my shit apart! lol Then my love of city skating was re-kindled with the release of 'Deathbowl to Downtown'. Ive been on the edge of my seat and pretty much chomping at the bit for another film speaking for the underdog to un-earth some more TRUTH!
Everyone needs to support this film....finally a chance to see appreciation for an art form desperately trying to be made a household bore by indie hipsters. Films like these are notibly forgotten about coz they're not 'VICE' enough for the mockney generation so its important you go and watch this and even spreadingthe word wouldnt hurt :)
Literally SO excited to see this and the ones to follow when they come out!!
SO YEAH! 1/11/10 - 11pm - .........BE THERE!!
Mad rating to the Graffiti Kings!!

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