Tuesday, 25 December 2012


Where to begin with this video...........just DAMN!! Joey copped the new video this week and its amazing! I'm sure everyones been itching to see something from the DGK heads ever since they killed the game when KAYO: 'It's Official' came out and then dropping the incredible 'Fresh Til Death Tour' when they travelled around with the Zero team. Along with them adding Kalis and RTX to the team there has just been an imense hype growing around DGK making this a perfect time for a video! Let me tell you right now that 'Parental Advisory' is everything you want in a skate video! Fuck all that rolled-up-ankle-weak-hipster-mass-produced-runway-skateboarding that's been saturating the scene DGK have given us a real-ass-fuck video that gets you amped to skate. Featuring:

Wade Des'armo
Josh Kalis
Marquise Henry
Dane Vaughn
Marcus McBride
Rodrigo TX
Derrick Wilson
Keelan Dadd
Dwayne Fagundes
Jack Curtain
Lenny Rivas
Stevie Williams

With some surprising cameos from the likes of Kareem Campbell, Fabian Alomar, DMX, Lil' Wayne and Beanie Siegel!! Baby scumbag holds it down in the cut scenes and he even goes super saiyan at one point. What we loved about this video is (although they can) they didnt over-use HD.......FINALLY! Too many videos have been ruined by the unnecessary fixation with high def, y'know that bird in the corner of the screen?.......fuck him! all of the cut scenes are filmed in HD and the skating is straight up VX BITCH!!! This created an amazing aesthetic, some parts literally felt like i was watching some early 2000 goodness. Grade A skating topped with a killer soundtrack and......no hipsters!! 5 STARS


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