Sunday, 4 July 2010


By Tom Sanford

The name alone is pretty self-explanatory but yeah.....This is an amazing painting depicting the tragic on-stage murder of metal legend 'Dimebag Darrell' in 2004 at the hands of 'headcase' Nathan Gale when performing with 'Damageplan'.

Nathan Gale was an ex marine and literally just a a fucking nutter! i mean this brere had it all, paranoid schizophrenia, night terrors, volatile behaviour, addictive personality AND he fucked with psychedelic drugs......COME ON!! add the fact he had delusions of visits from Pantera band members whom of which he believed could read his mind and were mentally mocking him. So we have an angry-unemployed-obsessive-ex-marine-25 year old-introvert with the American 'right to bear arms'..............doesn't take a rocket scientist to work out he's fucking weird!
he managed to sneak into the venue from a back entrance with allowed him to approach the band from backstage (blindside) and (as you can see from the video) b-lined straight for 'dime bag'. Gale was taken down by a single head-shot from officer James Niggermeyer.

List of the other people who were killed/injured during the incident:

Jeff "Mayhem" Thompson - the band's head of security was killed as he tried to stop Gale as he ran on-stage and shot darrell.
Erin Halk - an Alrosa Villa employee attempted to charge Gale when he ran out of bullets. However Gale was able to reload faster than anticipated, and killed Halk.
Nathan Bray - an audience member, attempted to perform CPR on Abbott and Thompson, but was shot and killed by Gale.
John 'Kate' Brooks - Damageplan's drum technician, was shot several times (once in the right hand, his right leg, and his right side) while attempting to get the gun away from Gale and was taken hostage, but ultimately survived.
Chris Paluska - Tour manager, was injured but also survived.
Pat Lachman - Damageplan singer, was also shot but the injuries were never identified.

Either way this painting is amazing!!!
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