Sunday, 25 July 2010

JASPER GOODALL - 'Poster Girl'

(jasper's words on 'Poster Girl' )

'I was asked By Electric Blue gallery in early 2009 if I would have a show of my work at their East London gallery. At the time I was playing with ideas of combining photography with illustration by creating fantastical bodies printed as posters and held up by a model. The Electric Blue show became the catalyst to bring this work together and so 'Poster Girls' was born...'

Jasper Goodall is one of those artists i was introduced to years ago and to this day his name is still as fresh in my mind as the first time i saw his work. Anyone who knows me can probably see the obvious sexual appeal in jasper's work but as much as i love sexual themes across the board you have to admire his unconditional persistence regardless of how open the shunning of sex and eroticism is by the public. Goodall's work in my opinion is never shy to convey his true inspirations without sugar-coating and never conforming......all round inspirational artist!

check him out HERE

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