Friday, 19 November 2010


Do you ever get those random moments when you just get taken back to seemingly pointless times in your life? well this just happened to me while watching the opening titles to cowboy bebop i remembered a game i used to have on ps2. GUNGRAVE was one of those bargain-bin spesh finds that no one else wanted but you took it home and made it yours, similar to those incredibly creative kids in old cartoons that find a teddy bear with no arms and legs, takes it home and turns it into his new best friend......well slight over sight with the best friend thing but you know where im coming from lol
From what i remember GUNGRAVE was the sort of game that you could get most of the way through without extending your attack combination knowledge too greatly which is perfect for a someone who just wants to waste some heads! your armed with two fuck-off pistols (obvious DMC rip-off but still) and a sort of new age coffin mounted on your back which can be swung violently from the shoulder sort of like a half pop-punk guitar spin if you must.
Cant really remember the story behind GUNGRAVE nor can i be bothered to look it up at 01:36 in the morning...i apologise but its worth checking out if your like me, still kicking the ps2 about or if your just a fan or Cel-shaded animation.

P.S little did i know but the game was later developed into an animated series

Heres episode 1


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