Wednesday, 1 December 2010

WE SO....

....need something like this in the UK!!

The U.S Bongress Campaign - basically it's all about educating youths about the positives of marijuana and touches on factors such as our dependency on prescription drugs. I'm still not sure what my personal opinion is on straight up legalisation, without educating people properly first it would probably have a lot of negative effects on society, but a campaign like this is great for raising awareness and teaching kids about how positive marijuana can be. Unfortunately, I think we are a long way off being able to educate the masses, but this is a start.

Voting is over now, but hopefully they are gonna keep this going. I found out about this a little late (read about it in Hip Hop Weekly and unfortunately as it's published in the States I always seem to find issues of it arrive in the shops here a bit late....), but check it out.

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