Tuesday, 21 December 2010


For so long whenever i watch films i always see a little accessory or something unique to the film that i actually wanna own! everyone with sense at one point lusted over the self lacing 'Back To The Future 2' shoes' or Michael Jacksons 'Beat It' Jacket....I've noticed loads of little trinkets in Films and Music videos over the years that would frankly make my life complete haha

Heres a few movie accessories i need to buy/make/steal....

'Electric eliminators' satin bomber jacket - (The Warriors)
'Bad Mother Fucker' Wallet - (Pulp Fiction)

Mitsubishi Evo VII - (2 Fast 2 Furious)
Jay's 'Snoogans' Beanie - (Dogma)

..aaaand this wasn't even in the film but its fucking rad! (Clerks.......ish)

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Thisishollywood said...

Beautifully exposed. Hollywood memorabilia is a great way of making a connection to the past.

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