Monday, 24 January 2011


When serious issues are brought to the surface you always see the same faces pop up. now when i say 'faces' i don't mean particular individuals per say more a breed of individual. the silent voice from the back who finds volume only when totally exempt from responsibility. there are many words that come to mind when speaking of these cowardly naysayers when they decide to contribute to a situation with comments like 'whats the point?' or 'it wont change anything'. I always find myself more confused at why these people would rather use their voice to discourage someone then use the same energy to benefit something they DO believe in. Maybe it has something to do with london being over-run by the sort of people timid automatons that would rather just be 'left alone'.....the 'PLEASE I JUST WANT TO GET MY M&S SALAD AND CATCH MY TRAIN ON TIME.' it reminds me of that scene in 'Clerks' when Dante talks about 'shitting comfortably'.....

The long and short of it is that as a kid 'Dante' needed a shit but the lid to his potty was closed, instead of lifting it he shat his pants. in conclusion dante is not the sort of person to disrupt the natural order of things for his own personal comfort.

..when push comes to shove will you shit yourself?

I'm sure everyone saw this in full effect around the student protests, kids that were never even interested in politics all of a sudden wanting to be heard when they bashed a cause so far away from them they probably couldn't spit on it if they tried. The same ignorance rears its ugly head across all areas of change whether it be Social, political, Environmental, Economic even our Personal lifestyle choices are subject to severe scrutiny from others stopping people from even trying! and it really needs to stop!!
I guess I'm so un-eased by this because it may not seem like a problem now but in generations to come when things we participate in weather it be graffiti, raving, squatting, skating, pirate radio...WHATEVER! come under attack we'll need that fire to keep it alive and it will be gone!

Why has the society we live in made it so acceptable to 'stand for nothing?....Better yet how do they keep brainwashing people to join their destructive way of thinking?
think of your voice like a condom...'better to have it and not need it, then to need it and not have it'.....right?

RANT OVER!! haha

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jake0075995 said...

man this is exactly the kinda shit i look to see everyday. someone dedicated to their cause. ranting and looking coldly on a world that refuses to change. hit me up @