Wednesday, 5 January 2011


OH MY GOD! i haven't been this obsessed with a super-anti-hero movie since probably 'Sin City'.
The long and short of it is SCOTT PILGRIM is a regular guy..
.loves computer games, plays in a band, doesn't make any money.....y'know the usual! haha But then he notices the 'peng-as-fuck' ROMONA FLOWERS. Shes hot, he wants to date her but discovers he has to defeat her 'SEVEN EVIL EX'S' who are in control of her love live.

For the first time in ages it wasn't jam packed with unnecessary special effects and camera rolls that the DUMB love to lap up which gives us this over-saturation of big budget cinema with no original story line (Skyline, Inception for e.g) i mean come on at least he matrix had a sick plot...americas destroying the world already i think ill d
o with out paying to see it THANKS!. This added made it so much more believable... Even when mother fuckers are doing aerial 64 hit combos! haha
On top of this 'Scott Pilgrim VS The World' is backed by a bangin indie rock soundtrack including original songs featured in the film.CHECK IT OUT
if you haven't already!! if you liked 'Juno', 'Superbad' and love computer games
trust me you'll love it!!

P.S. Also check out the Scott Pilgrim game....It looks pretty tight!

P.P.S if your obsessive like me you'd probably want to check out the short animation that was released prior to the movie....i thought it was pretty dope.

P.P.P.S. now to go and cop the boxset!!

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