Friday, 31 July 2009

Knitting and Craft Tattoos

Some amazing amazing pictures of Knitting and Sewing themed tattoos I found while perusing the net this morning as my free trial of Microsoft Office has expired and so I haven't been able to do anything else but browse on google and ebay all morning....

The detail on this one is amazing...possibly my favourite.

This is just fucking sick!

The last photo at the bottom here is Cakemix from my Knitting Club @ I Knit London.
Check out Cakemix's blog 'Trashy Crochet' click here!

Gritting the Tunnel is this Saturday at the Banksy Tunnel in Waterloo (12-5 if anyone feels like coming down). Getting ready for my first yarnbombing experience lol....If u don't know what yarnbombing is you should have read my post on yarnbombing...been knitting up loads of carrier bags quick time on my 20mm needles.

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