Friday, 12 March 2010


Oooooooold video but i finally found the story so no self-righteous metal heads having a go at me lol

Video footage of DANZIG frontman Glenn Danzig engaging in a physical confrontation with NORTH SIDE KINGS singer and frequent SOULFLY collaborator Danny Marianinho following DANZIG's performance in Tuba City, Arizona

"I would never pick a fight with a black belt, I am not some big, tough guy looking for trouble. I have gotten my fair share of ass-kickings. We have been filming a ton of footage for almost a year now, and had three camera guys at this show to film footage. Tons of tape from the entire day. Danzig freaked the fuck out completely way out of life. His site banned my guitarist from making any statements on [the official DANZIG fan site] The7thhouse in regards to their bullshit comment saying I 'used a sharp object.' When the video is posted you will clear as hell that there is nothing in my hands. Maybe he cut his mouth on his 'vampire' teeth! Or maybe is face just opened up? Who cares — I was excited to play that show and was not expecting a fight. I was in mid conversation when he attacked me."

"And for the record — Danzig is NOT a little man. He may be short, but he is in great physical shape. Better than me, and I am at least 12 years younger. He threw me pretty hard and I reacted like anyone on this site would have."

"NORTH SIDE KINGS is not a touring band and really doesn't care about being popular. We are a hardcore band that does not want to tour. We are happy playing a few shows a year. And I wanted to clarify the subject before he put out some bullshit story — which his crew has already made crazy allegations. Still to this time he has not tried to contact me to apologize for being a mental case..."

"Once again, I liked DANZIG — otherwise we wouldn't have even been on the show. The guy is out of control. The video shows it all — and it was very uncalled for on his end."

"He caught me off guard when he attacked me — but I caught him with a good jab. That's it in a nutshell."

"The lesson here: respect the bands on your shows cause we are all people. Maybe when he is in Europe he will be more polite to the local bands on his shows. It's a shame this course had to be taken."

Why is there always some stupid bitches hanging around to totally chat shit after fights, was so obviously not a cheap shot but im sure danzig just paid for her boob job.

Hahaha DOPE TEE!!!
watch how there's none around anymore =(


Fern Gully said...

The dude who banged him had his house burned down not long after this. Misfits fans, fiend club all day.

It's a good punch though.

ZOLTAN!! said...

haha i heard about that actually kinda gnarly!