Friday, 12 March 2010


Thurs 11th March
Prince Charles Cinema
Leciester Square

'A skate video', really??
More like a 'vans-got-a-HDcamera-out-of-the-budget) video haha. God im seriously getting infuriated getting my hopes up to go to skate premiers just to be let down!! After the apparent introduction of hipsters into the skate industry i personally thought Vans being a well developed brand, having the knowledge, heritage and also being so O.G they can actually get away with having a skateboard as their logo (pretty impressive from a design standpoint) had a huge responsibility to uphold true skateboarding. Don't get me wrong there is some decent skating in the film but unfortunately this wasn't the enthuses of the video. wall to wall cut-scenes and an unnecessary amount of close-ups, slow-mos and HD montages, this would have been cool if they gave the skater decent parts, basically Think of a world when you'ld watch top gear, jeremy kyle scrubs and then the adverts would be skating, it was just like that the skating was the filler SO LAME! While watching it there was always this sneaking suspicion that the director had too much involvement in the actual skating, maybe it was the obvious 'progression of skating' theme they had going on which somehow seemed to feed into the editing style for example i was surprised to see a fairly tame Chris Pfanner section after his other footage ANYWHERE ELSE is amazing. pfanner had first part and the selection of tricks seemed to be chosen as a sort of 'visual warm-up' for the video with the absence of anything apart from a kickflip pretty much and then running down accordingly until the end! seriously was no need for the elitist guestlist seeing as the video was shit!!!
come on maaan all you had to do was make a skate video nike did!! and they've had a team for about as long as America's been a country whats your excuse??
Really and truthfully it shouldn't have been entitled 'A Skate Video' should have just done what they really wanted to do deep down and just made an arty ' Vans' video'
No disrespect to vans or its riders your still O.G.
just wish you'ld remember to keep a clear focus through this haze of fixed gear bikes.
if they release it, don't buy it unless it has decent bonus features!
need to go watch a real film now, ooooo black label..........peace

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