Thursday, 4 March 2010

Now THAT'S how to fuck a chick..

The days of 'love making' is and has been DEAD for a loong time now
step yo game up for 2010 my nigguhs!!
as katt williams says ' a porno, these niggas are putting bitches in pretzel shapes and they like it!'
this dont mean im condoning heads to employ the amateur 'insert-and-go' method. seriously i actually feel ashamed on behalf of the race when i flick on a porno and some grown-ass dude is all like 'your so beautiful, blah blah, where did you study, fancy taking your clothes off?........MONKEY FUCK!!'
that will just lead to a slap, or a sore pussy which means no mo' sex that day :(
but yeah in conclusion, learn some new shit, up your stamina
real talk.

P.S for the girls out there who still dont give head but expect this level fucking
psssshhshshshs hahaha
tbh do they even still make girls who don't give head?

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CORAL said...

Real Talk Looool