Thursday, 10 September 2009


Jamaican Jerk Chicken Walkers
In my opinion they could do with adding a bit more spice to it, kinda bland
but ratings to walkers for finally doing jerk chicken flavour though :)
definitely recommend giving them a try before they're gone if you stumble across them.

KitKat Chunky Caramel
Oh my god if you though kitkat chunky peanut butter was amazing (i did) they SOMEHOW managed to up their game even more. Its probably the closest thing to a mouthgasm your ever gonna have! the caramel in it isnt that annoying stringy kind either its like peanut butter texture but caramel flavour (doesnt get stuck in yo dentures). PLUS they're 3 for £1 in tesco and Sainsbury's atm, GO!!! haha.

Best-In: Strawberry Juice Drink
Well y'know when your D&G Strawberry Soda gets left open and goes flat so just tastes like liquid strawberry? well imagine that but in a carton and a fresher taste coz it hasn't been left over night AND all for 35p only place I've seen it is that raggo 'convenience store' on Long Lane, (why do ppl use that term outside of the states?) anyway i never usually like carton drinks coz they bump you on drank but this was actually dope lol



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