Wednesday, 30 September 2009

The 'Strata' ABOMINATION in Elephant and Castle

Is anyone else not disgusted at this ABOMINATION now dominating my glorious view of Elephant and Castle Shopping Centre? OK so it's all part of the regeneration of the area, but to be perfectly honest I don't see why Elephant and Castle needs to be regenerated!? It's still alway's gonna be a shit hole and that's the way I like it. It has a great deal of culture and cultural history surrounding it, which I believe should be preserved.

So I wonder. What exactly are the positive benefits of this monstrous looking tower?? which may I add looks completely out of place in it's surrounding. They've been talking about this regeneration for the entire 10 years I have lived here and all they have done so far is build a tower exactly does this help the area? It's an excuse to build yet another development..

The people running tings say this is an 'ambitious programme of change'. The word change scares me...Isn't regeneration supposed to be about improving and developing what Elephant and Castle already has??

Anyway anyway...rant over. This is some bullshit. What an ugly building.
For more info on the regeneration plans for Elephant and Castle go here:

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